Southern California Museum Exhibit Fabrication

Welcome to Tandem Exhibits! We provide Museum Exhibit Fabrication of permanent museum exhibits, traveling exhibitions, interactive kiosks and interpretive displays. We do museum casework, wall murals, graphics, artifact mounts, and models.

In our Museum Exhibit Fabrication, we incorporate design elements that promote discovery and learning. We provide quality craftsmanship and pay attention to details. This insures our Museum Exhibit Fabrication work will successfully represent your museumʼs vision and be an inspiring
presentation of the history being told.

Our Other Services Include:

We offer a versatile line of modular and portable displays to suit your style and your budget: Panelflo modular panel exhibits, Expression pop-up displays, and Affordable-1 table-top displays.

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Tandem Exhibits

Museum Exhibit Fabrication

Tandem Exhibits provides versatile and sophisticated display mounting hardware using Mustang Systems sign, graphic and artifact suspension components. Mustang Systems suspended display solutions utilize light and space effectively by drawing attention to the materials being displayed.

Our expertise in both Museum Exhibit Fabrication and in custom trade show exhibit building means that we can create unique solutions using the most current materials and the most innovative design techniques.

Tandem Exhibits also designs and fabricates corporate lobby interiors. Weʼve been helping Orange County and Southern California companies look their best with custom reception counters, custom conference tables, wall murals, graphics and 3-D indoor and outdoor signs. We fabricate custom demo rooms and product display cases.

Custom building is our expertise - whether that is Museum Exhibit Fabrication or trade show display work. We can design and build a completely custom trade show display, or incorporate the lightweight elements of a hybrid display, or provide a modular portable display, a rental display, or any combination of any of these to provide the right solution for your organization.

At Tandem, we provide a full range of services including custom project design, CAD renderings, engineering drawings, fabrication and installation. For our trade show clients we provide show services, logistics, crating, warehousing, rentals and refurbishment. Our team is experienced and professional. We ship internationally and have installations worldwide.

We invite you to click through our web site to see our Museum Exhibit Fabrication and other custom projects we have produced.

Tandem Exhibits...your Southern California Museum Exhibit Fabrication Source.